"The best experience this holiday...Went to reef, saw several species of whales and spinners. Great boat, great day out. Many thanks."

Dave and Natash from London, U.K.


"10 minutes out we hit a beautiful mahi and 10 minutes from coming back in we were entertained by some humpbacks that were putting on quite a show for us. Great day!"

John & Joni Knapp, NJ


"The boat was great, no problems. Being able to use the coastal moorings are real convenient and very easy to use. We will be back!"

Rick & Janie Thompson, CA


"I have been to Hawaii 3x's. Renting this boat was the best thing I've done. It was awesome."

Sandy Garrett, AZ


"Great time! It's fun to go out by ourselves and do what we want. Good experience."


"Firsttimers - loved it, great boat!"

Mark and Sue Demmink, TX


"It was awesome! Great service! Great experience!"

Annika & Eddie Stillwell, FL


"Just wanted to let you know what a great time we had renting your boats!! We have recommended you to everyone we know travelling to Kona. Have a great summer and hope to see you again in the future!"

Susan and Richard Van Valkenburg


"Terrific day! Thanks for a wonderful family experience. We hope to see you again."

John & Sunnne McPeak, CA


"Wow!! What a blast - swam with the dolphins with no one else around. This was the best way to go."

Taylors, ID


"Great trip - our second time! Good people, nice boats. See you next year."

The Gushansky Clan, CA